Artist Statement: John Davis Gallery 2017

This small survey of paintings (2011-2016) represents a sampling of my attempted engagement
(since 2005) with the deleterious effects of Global Warming (i.e. Climate Change) on this planet.
These paintings are dystopian images reflecting on imagined scenarios of the current and future
repercussions of these climactic effects.

Based on scores of years of extensive studies and research, climate scientists have now found
that the myriad and ill-fated effects of climate change are compounding each other. Their
interconnected relational complexities are resulting in larger and more frequent events. These
climactic events are quickly surpassing even the most conservative outlook of how not only the
climate, but virtually every aspect of humankind will be affected. Both the Greenland and
Antarctic ice sheets are currently in the process of collapse with the loss of 100 billion tons of
ice per year in Antarctica alone. This is just one example of many instances of predictable sea
rise and catastrophic storm frequency affecting the cities and populations of the world. As we
witness this, we must, by all accounts know that something is deeply wrong. This scientific
research is now confirming a rather bleak and formidable series of problems that we can
currently observe: in this moment, in real time, and with our own eyes. We are now in a highly
compromised period of time. Hopefully, this work will be an additional voice to the urgency of
this pressing issue.

Larry Brown